TNTEdit Version History Registered User Update Request

Note: This Page uses TNTEditorial Fonts, some characters may not appear correctly depending on your font settings and browser configuration.

TNTEdit Template Revisions

Revision 3.00

Added the “Convert to Times New Roman” macro on the “TNT Utilites” menu. This macro converts all the characters in the TNTEdit fonts to their Times New Roman Unicode equivalents where ever possible. All styles are changed to Times New Roman and TNTEDSymbol font characters are converted to the Symbol font. TNTEdit characters that do not have Unicode equivalents are converted to backslash codes.


Revision 2.26

ALLMACS DIALOG -- When clicking on “Select All”, “Change Underline To Italic” will no longer select. “Change Underline To TNT Underline” will select. Most documents use the italic font change. So if underline is used, it should remain underline. But if the document has underline for italic, you can still use “Change Underline To Italic”.

ALLMACS PAGE NUMBERS - The program changes the space and the number to the font the “p”. (ie. p. 234 change to p.º234). This has been fixed.

ALLMACS & ALLMACSPREP - A program has been added to look for 3 or more underlined spaces make them the shift hyphen character (the low line). The program assumes these multiple underlined spaces are to be write on lines.


Revision 2.23

EN DASHES EM DASHES -- Added code to hightlight different combinations of dashes that the program can not fix.


Revision 2.21

UTILITIES -- A new utility has been added, Fix number spans. The program looks for numbers with en dashes between them. So you must have run ALLMACS en dashes first. The program looks for 12–5 and will convert it to 12–15, 103–7 to 103–107. The program also looks for and highlights incorrect spans like 119–2, which would have converted to 119–112, which is incorrect. You can use the “Find Highlight” feature on the drop down TNT Editorial these.


Revision 2.20

KEYMARKS -- Added code to disable “Keep track of formatting changes to keymarks”


Revision 2.19

PULL NOTES -- Fixed formatting of endnotes and footnotes.


Revision 2.18

VIEW DIALOG -- ByAuthor and Auto has been added to the track changes color selections. ByAuthor will automatically display changes made by different reviews in a different color. A check box has also been added to highlight AQs and ENs for ease of locating.


Revision 2.17

AUTHORQUERY -- A text box has been added to the Author Query dialog so the author can respond to the query. The response is added to the query with braces {response} around the response. If the query has braces in it, the response will be placed into the response box.


Revision 2.16

The TNTEdit template will now save the TNTEdit fonts inside each document. So when the document is sent to an individual that does not have the template, the document will display correctly.


Revision 2.15

TNTPROJECTREPORT -- The report can now be run anytime during the editing process. When run, it will accept all track changes and delete EQs and AQs so counts are more accurate.


Revision 2.14

ALLMACSPREP -- Programming added to fix para marks that look like Word para marks but do not behave like para marks.


Revision 2.13

TNTPROJECTREPORT -- Programming added so the project report will not run unless the document is saved.


Revision 2.12

FOOTER -- A document character count has been added to the document footer.


Revision 2.11

PULL FOOTNOTES -- When pulling footnotes the first character of the note was being deleted if there was no space following the note symbol.


Revision 2.10

TNTPROJECTREPORT -- The report now shows the total number of manuscript pages processed by TNTProjectReport.


Revision 2.09

HYPERLINKS -- Clear all hyperlinks has been added to the AllMacs dialog. HyperLinks will also clear when running TNTCompPrep and BoundGalleyPrep.


Revision 2.08

Turn off SmartParaSelection in options. Some of the macros do not run properly if this option is on.


Revision 2.07

Fixed problem with revisions on TNT Doc Print.


Revision 2.06

Added code to TNT Project Report so Word 2003 will no longer hang when running project reports on documents containing tables.


Revision 2.05

Changed code in AllMacsPrep to fix problem with documents containing tables with straddle rows or columns.


Revision 2.04

Changes made to TNT U/LC program. More prepositions were added for a better conversion.


Revision 2.03

Added Acrobat Page Up and Acrobat Page Down to scroll Adobe Acrobat when viewing a PDF manuscript in Adobe® Acrobat® and simultaneously editing the Word version of that manuscript. (Use alt up arrow and alt down arrow).

Minor fix to TNTSpellout to insure that text is not deleted when text in front of or after the number is selected.


Revision 2.01

All revisions below have been incorporated into the new TNTEdit for Office 2003. TNT will only continue development on Word 2003 versions of TNTEdit, TNT Bound Galleys, and TNT Comp.


Revision 2.00

In order to unify our code development we have set the versions of TNTEdit, TNT Bound Galleys and TNT Comp for Word 2003 to version 2.00. This will allow us to better track changes to the templates.


Revision 1.87


Added print button to document memo dialog. You can now printout the document memo.


Revision 1.86


CHANGE STARTING PAGE NUMBER: The dialog has been changed to allow the user to select Arabic or roman numerals.


CHANGE PROJECT PAGE NUMBERS: A new utility has been added to allow the user to select files in manuscript order and batch files to update all starting page numbers. The program will read the last page number of the previous file, add one, and start the next file with that number.


Revision 1.84


CONVERSION REQUEST: Added new operating systems to lists.


Revision 1.82


ALLMACSPREP: TNT has found files where authors have used an actual font for italic, bold, or smcaps. When running ALLMACSPREP, the font dialog box will now allow you to assign a font found to TNTEditorial, italic, bold, or Smcaps, using the drop down.


Revision 1.81


EDITOR NOTES AND AUTHOR QUERIES: Behavior of dialog boxes for Editor Notes and Author Queries has been improved. When you create an EN or AQ the cursor will now be in the AQ or EN text field of the dialog box, ready for you to start typing.


Revision 1.80


HELP FILE: The HELP file has been updated to reflect all new changes to the template. Some of the areas have been rewritten to better explain the functions.


EXTRACT: You can now selection several paragraphs and the code them as ext1_s, m, and e. A button has been added to the menu which will only be activated when you selection multiple paragraphs. The software will determine which is the start, middle and end.


UNNUMBERED LIST: You can now selection several paragraphs and the code them as ul1_s, m, and e. A button has been added to the menu which will only be activated when you selection multiple paragraphs. The software will determine which is the start, middle and end.


BULLETED LIST: You can now selection several paragraphs and the code them as bl1_s, m, and e. A button has been added to the menu which will only be activated when you selection multiple paragraphs. The software will determine which is the start, middle and end.


VERSE EXTRACT: You can now selection several paragraphs and the code them as v_s, m, and e. A button has been added to the menu which will only be activated when you selection multiple paragraphs. The software will determine which is the start, middle and end.


Revision 1.77


TNTDocPrint: When docprint has finished, a dialog box appears telling you the last page of the current document and the page number you should start the next document on. While the dialog is on the screen, the last page of the document will be displayed so that you can see what the last page looks like.


Revision 1.76


DOCUMENT: A word count for the document has been to the lower left corner of the footer. Each time the document is opened, the count is updated. While editing, the word count can be updated by clicking on “update word count” on the utilities menu.


UTILITIES: TNTProjectReport has been added to this menu. The program will collect statistics on selected documents. Below is a list and description of the columns on the Project Report printout.
Keymark: Name of keymark in manuscript.
Count: The number of times this element occurs in the project.
Found In: A list of files which contain the element.
Longest: Character count for the longest of this element.
Total Characters: Total characters for the element.

Total Words: Total words for the element.
%: Percentage of the element in the book.


Revision 1.74


ALLMACSPREP/ALLMACS: When running in Office 2000, the screen goes into normal size. It will now stay maximize.


ALLMACSPREP: The program will mark any graphic items remaining in the text with a flashing marque.


TNTUTILITIES: Print TNT Fonts has been changed to Print Font Characters. A dialog displays giving you the option to print TNTEditorial fonts character sets or print character sets from fonts loaded on your system. This is useful when authors send you special fonts used in their manuscript. You can now print the characters set to see what characters may appear in the document.


Revision 1.73


ALLMACSPREP: Program has been updated to “unlink” cross-references in Office 2000.


Revision 1.72


ALLMACS: If the author only uses a 2 period elips, the software with highlight it.

HRT to SRT: Under MISC on the right button click, there is a new feature HRT to SRT. This feature would be used to convert ALL hard returns in the selected text to soft returns.


Revision 1.70


TNTUTILITIES/APPEND DOCS: When appending documents, a formatting error occurs. To avoid this, the program will now save the document after each batch of 5 documents has been appended.


Revision 1.69


TNTDOCPRINT: When printing a manuscript using TNTDocPrint, the keymarks in the margin turn over. This is now fixed.


Revision 1.68


ALLMACSPREP: The program searches the document for non tntedit styles. A fix has been made so that it will no longer find RIH2 as an unknown style tag.


Revision 1.66


ALLMACSPREP: The program will now require that the file be saved before running the program. When selecting the keymarks to be used, a file will be created in the project directory with your selections. When running the next author file you can read in the keymarks and not have to reselect them again. See TNTEditHelp for more information.


Revision 1.62


ALLMACSPREP: When “MARKING FONTS”, the program will place the name of the font name in uppercase (ie. \\ARIAL NARROW\\) before the text with the font and in lower case (ie. \\arial narrow\\) after the text with the font.


Revision 1.60


ALLMACS: When running ALLMACS and selecting the EM dash option, the program will not change 3em dashes space to 3em dashes no space. This may occur in a bibliography.


SHIFT F10: This keystroke will bring up the right mouse button click. You can hit ESC to close the menu. You can also use your arrow keys to get around in the menu.


SHIFT F11: Toggles showing your track changes.


CTRL F11: ACCEPTS ALL track changes. Dialog queries before excepting changes.


ALLMACS: Running multiparas will no longer delete IndexAlpha keymark when on a line with no text
Instead of keymarking a blank line, you should keymark the first entry as the IndexAlpha keymark. See help file.


Revision 1.56


ALLMACSPREP: The program will now detect hidden text. If present, a dialog box will display and give you 3 choices. DELETE HIDDEN TEXT, HIGHLIGHT IN BLUE HIDDEN TEXT, ABORT ALLMACSPREP. If you choose to highlight, you can find the highlight by using HIGHLIGHT under TNT Editorial on the menu bar. You can also use REMOVE HIGHLIGHTER feature to remove blue markings.


Revision 1.55


ALLMACS: When 2 pieces of punctuation follow each other, (ie. Ibid.,) the second did not change to italic, bold or underline. A fix has been made to the punctuation program.


TNT UTILITIES: Document stats have been added to this menu. You can select text and the program will show you word and character counts of the selected text.


Revision 1.54


ALLMACSPREP/ALLMACS: A change has been made to the quote macro. ’99 will now be highlighted. This will allow the operator to check and change if needed to a closing quote.


ALLMACS: A fix has been made to the multipara program. When deleting the multiple paras and the following word has a font change, the para takes on the font change. The program will now fix the para.



Revision 1.53


TNTEditHelp: When using the WindowsNT operating system, the TNTEditHelp file did not work properly. A fix has been made to the template.



Revision 1.52


TNTChars: The German double s has been added to the Misc Characters


TNTDOCPRINT: It has been reported that the program had problems when printing revisions within tables. A MAJOR rewrite of this part of the template is contained in this revision. Insertions and deletions will have the gray background. The deletions will also have strike through. This was the only solution available in MSWord 97 and 2000.


ALLMACS-QUOTES: This clean up will now search for space”space and highlight. It will also highlight “em dash and em dash”. TNTs operators have noticed these items to be missed when cleaning msp.


ALLMACS-ELLIPSES: After running this program, ALL ellipses will be highlighted. This will assist the operators in finding and checking ellipses.


You should always remember to REMOVE highlight from the document after running either of these programs.


ALLMACS-EN DASH: This program has been modified to mark any occurrences of spaceendashspace. Most occurences are incorrect. The author will inadvertently use the en dash for an em dash.


ALLMACS-EM DASH: The program has been modified to mark any occurrences of spacehyphenspace. Sometimes this sequence is used for EM DASHES by authors. You should check each time you run this program.


CONTEXT MENU: SpotMark, SpotGoto have been added to the MISC. on the right mouse click.


CONTEXT MENU NOTES [FNR]: You can now code for pulled footnotes.


UTILITIES: Check for Fonts has been added. When working on a document, the operator has the ability to add fonts other than TNTEditorial. This program will scan the entire document give you a list, and highlight any fonts which are NOT TNTEditorial fonts.


ALLMACSPREP: The program will detect whether or not the inserted file contains frames. You can choose to let the program convert the frames to text or cancel ALLMACSPREP and look through the file and cleanup the frames by hand.


UTILITIES: British quotes has been added. This program will convert the British quote sequence to U.S. quote sequence and visa-versa.


TNTDocPrint: A problem has been reported. When printing a document which has endnotes, if the last note is more than 50% italic, the italic is lost. A fix has been made to the TNTDocPrint program.


QUICKVIEW: The paragraph symbol on the toolbar which used to bring up the view dialog, now is a Quick View button. When pushed the program will turn on or off Show Revisions, Show Author/Editor Queries, Table Gridlines, Show Spaces, Show Tabs, and Show Paragraph Marks.


UTILITIES: A new option to convert HTML to the template. You should start a new TNTEdit document, insert the HTM file and run the program. The program will ask if all the lines are ended with a paramark. If yes, the program will assume 2 paramarks is an actual return, and convert all other to a space. All special HTML code will be converted to the appropriate TNTEdit character. Once HTML Convert is run, run ALLMACSPREP, and then ALLMACS.


ENDASHES: The menu which displays when running ENDashes from the ALLMACS dialog, has been changed. The user was able to change an individual occurrence, or ALL occurrences. You can now IGNORE all the remaining in the document. Basically stopping the endash program from running. All other functions you have chosen on the ALLMACS dialog, will still run.


ALLMACSPREP: When ALLMACSPREP starts, it will now ask if you want run it.


TNTDOCPRINT: A new feature has been added. When you are printing, and your machine errors, and you try to save the document, a warning message comes up, and the document will close without saving.


TNTSTRIKETHROUGH: This new feature has been added and passes to the typeset file generated by TNTComp.




Revision 1.31


TO COME-- A new character has been added to the TNTEDKeyMark font (tntedkym.ttf), [tk]. You will need to download this font and install. You can access the TK with CTRL+ATL+TK or from the character menu under MISC Chars. The TK query will pass thru to typesetting. You will need to install the new version of TNTEDKeyMark font.


VIEW-- HIGHLIGHT NOTE REFERENCES has been added to the VIEW dialog box. When selected, the note references in text and notes will be white on black. This makes it easier to find in text. If you have this feature turned on when printing form the TNTDocPrint, the program will turn off this feature. If you use the standard Word print, the highlighted notes will print.


PULL NOTES-- Each time a printout is requested, the program pulls the notes so that AQs can be marked. The tag ENDNOTE REFERENCE marks the notes. TNT has seen spaces marked with this tag. If these are left in, the PULLNOTES program will not operate correctly. Additional programming has been added to fix this problem.




Revision 1.25


NEW FONTS HAVE BEEN UPLOADED TO THE FTP. ALL FONTS SHOULD BE INSTALLED. The TNTBoundgalley fonts are part of the font file. We are in the final testing phase with bound galleys and feature will soon be available.



FOOTNOTES--Pull out embedded footnotes has been added to the TNTUtilities menu.


TNTCompPrep--A message area has been added to the TNTComp Files Processed sheet. This area will contain messages from the programs.


ALLMACSPrep--The program will now look for all math symbols and change them to TNTEDSymbol font.(ie. +, =, ÷, etc...)


Move to Notes file--It has been reported that sometimes the last note moved has the Normal keymark. When moving the notes, the last note selected will now have the correct keymark on it.


TABLES--A new item has been added to the table menus, CONVERT TABLE TO TEXT. You can click in a table or in text tabular and convert it back to text. A dialog box comes up so that you can select the type of conversion you want.


ALLMACSPrep--The program will now look for the standard fraction in every font and convert them to TNTEdit fractions.


TNTCompPrep--Will fix font fractions it finds in files.


AQs and ENs--A problem has been reported when using the ALT+F key in the AQ EN dialog to search for a query. The code has been rewritten to fix the problem.


TNTTables--Sometimes a table contains large amounts of text and will not be in a Word table structure. To have the capability to add rules under the table title and above the table footnotes, 2 new options have been added to the right mouse button click under tables. DRAW RULE TOP and DRAW RULE BOTTOM. Click on the line you wish the rule to be on, hit the right mouse button, select TNTTables and the rule you wish to insert.

You CAN NOT use this feature in a Word table, however, you can select the cells, right mouse, TNTTables, and use BORDERS and SHADING.


NEW TNTEDIT DOCUMENT button--The dialog box has been modified so that you can choose the type of document you want to move/copy the selected text into. The dialog box will look at the open document and automatically set the document type to match the open document.


NOTES--A problem has been reported when printing notes which have been inserted or deleted with track changes on. A fix has been made to correct this printing problem.


CHARACTER SET -- German double open quote and close double quote has been added to the MISC Chars table.


TRANSPOSE CHARACTERS F9 -- Place your cursor between the two characters, and press F9


TRANSPOSE WORD SHIFT F9 -- Place the cursor between the two words, on either side of the space, and press SHIFT F9


ELLIPSES--CTRL+ATL+.3 = .º.º.   CTRL+ATL+.4 = .º.º.º.   CTRL+ALT+.m = ¼  math ellipses. The ellipses are also located on the right mouse under Misc.


ALLMACS--A new menu item has been added under QUOTES. When running this program, you can now select NOT to fix ’99 type quotes. The program will not change a space’ para’ or soft retun’.


SAMPLE PAGE FILE--When copying text to the sample page file, the program will now insert a place holder indicating the filename and page of the appended text.


PULLENDNOTES--An error in the software has been reported and fixed. When moving notes to the notes file, the placeholder information does not have the correct filename in the placeholder. This has been updated.


INDEX--TNT has found an error in the keymarks for indexes. IT IS IMPORTANT that you download and install the new template.


ALLMACSPREP--TNT has received some files from our clients who are doing their own cleanup. We have noticed some strange characters in the files and have added programming to ALLMACSPREP to find these characters and fix them.




Revision 1.20


NOTE: When TNT cleans up a manuscript we will create a self extracting zip file. (TNTFILES.EXE) You should put the floppy in drive A and double click on the file. If you let all the defaults go, the program will create a folder on your C drive named FROMTNT. Inside FROMTNT will another folder named by author. This will contain your new files.



A fix has been made to the TNTDocPrint. The print program will now check to see what document is being printed. If it is a text or table document, the TNT Dialog box with options will appear, otherwise you will go directly to the print dialog box.


TNTDOCPRINT When keymarking a manuscript, in text tabular will no longer be keymarked.


A problem has been reported when trying to make a clean printout.(hiding all additions and deletions) We have identified the problem to be with word and how it deals with track changes. A change has been made to the print routine that should allow you to print a clean manuscript. The problem will still show up when printing only insertions. We are working to find a programming fix for this problem.


It has been reported that when printing a document, and the users system “blows-up”, Word, when restarted, asks if you want to recover the document. If you choose to recover and save, you will overwrite your valid document. You should NOT recover this document. If you do, a message will display informing you that an invalid TNTEdit file is trying to be opened.


The keystrokes list will now fit on the screen. Keystrokes have been added/changed for the extract and verse.


ALLMACSPREP -- When a file is run through AllMacsPrep and the program finds only footnotes, it will ask if you want the footnotes converted to endnotes. If you choose to convert, this does not effect the typesetting of the notes. The compositor can use the endnotes as footnotes.


New keymark CST Chapter Sub-Title has been added


About the template box now displays your serial number.


TNTCHARACTERS New characters have been added to the Math characters. No math fonts need to be downloaded. Also added is a button which will clear ALL the ALT buttons.


Foot mark and inch mark have been added to the TNT Math Character Set. You will need to download the TNTEDMiscChars(TNTEDMC.TTF) font, from the font folder on the FTP and install it on your machine. Those of you who are installing the template for the first time will need to download ALL the fonts and install them on your machine. Also in the fonts folder are the new Bound Galley Fonts. You should download these and install. The next revision of the template will allow you to create bound galleys requiring these fonts.


A button for inserting a fraction has been added to the tool bar


A new utility has been added. MARK FONT CHANGES. As you may have noticed, when you have a paragraph with more than 50% of the text in a font, lets say italic, when you assign a keymark to that paragraph, MSWord will change the font to roman. If you run this utility ALL font changes will be marked. You can then make all the keymark changes and then run the reset feature in this utility. Reset will put all the font changes back in.



The underline button on the toolbar now puts in the TNT Underline. This is for REAL underline which will carry through to typesetting. The underline in ALLMACS is only to show italic. If your document contains underline for italic and you wish to enter an underline/italic word, use italic. You can then run ALLMACS to change italic to underline. Manuscript information has been updated to reflect this new underline.


Verse and regular extracts -- The dialog boxes have changed so that you can mouse click or use keystrokes to get the items on the dialogs.



TNTCompPrep When processing files, the program will check to see if any underline has been left in the document and give you several options to choose from.


SAMPLE PAGE FILE-- the sample page file sequence number has been changed to 99_ from 90_ If you have a sample page file as part of a project, you should rename it to 90_Samples.doc.


TNTPASTE -- Users have reported intermittent problems with different programs in the template. TNT feels that the problems are memory related. Each time you use the TNTPaste function, the area of memeory which this feature uses will be cleared. Thus, you will no longer be able to use the TNTPaste feature consecutive times. The TNTPaste feature is only needed when moving around text which has track changes in it. The text can always be recopied and pasted again.


APPEND FILES -- Has been enhanced. This function is located under TNT Utilities. When appending files, a PLACEHLD keymark will be added between each file appended. ALLMACSPREP and ALLMACS will not remove the PLACEHLD keymark. You can use DELETE ALL PALCE HOLDERS from the utilities menu to DELETE them from the document. Files can be from different word processors and the Word will detect the file type and convert it as it is appending. APPEND FILES now allows you to go 1 level of folders deep in your project folder. This will allow you to place new files in a folder and navigate to that folder. However, this folder must still be INSIDE you project folder.


TABLES--“Select table” and “Select Table & Distribute Cols Evenly” have been added to the table right mouse button click. When using the table button, and you have text selected with tabs in it, during the conversion from tabs to TNTTable, the program will now distribute the converted columns evenly.




This document contains PULLED ENDNOTES. You should try the renumber and embed and pull features on this file.


CTRL+ALT+O Will bring up a note dialog box. So CTRL+ALT+OE will insert an embedded endnote. CTRL+ALT+OF will insert an embedded footnote.

New items have been added to the utilities menu under NOTES. The new options are:

PULL OUT ENDNOTES--This will pullout, place at the end of the document. You can then use the N button to move them to a separate document if you wish.

RENUMBER PULLED ENDNOTES--Will renumber pulled endnotes even if they are in a separate document. It will search for the ENR keymark and begin counting at 1. It will also look for ENOT_MERGE character and select the text to the left of the merge and number them consecutively.

EMBED PULLED ENDNOTES--The notes must be at the bottom of the document for this to work. When using this feature the program will try to check whether the references in text and the notes match. If they do ALL notes will be reembedded. Try this feature by first pulling the notes and then embedding again. Have a look at the structure, which must be manually maintained, in order for the programs to work.

CONVERT PULLED ENDNOTES TO FOOTNOTES--Converts all pulled endnotes to pulled footnotes.

CONVERT PULLED FOOTNOTES TO ENDNOTES--Converts all pulled footnotes to pulled endnotes. However the program to pull footnotes still needs to be written.

On the right mouse button click, under NOTES, some new options have been added to deal with pulled notes. You can now insert a pulled endnote ref in the text, and add a endnote to a document. Again, these do not need to be in the same document. When inserting a pulled endnote ref, the program will insert NEW_ENR. You can manually change this to the note number but you will need to renumber by hand all remaining notes. You can also use the RENMUMBER PULLED ENDNOTES on the utilities menu to do this for you.

If you type the new note number, select it and use INSERT PULLED ENDNOTE REF on the right click, the program will keymark the note only and not insert NEW_ENR.

On the toolbar you will see a RED and WHITE “N”. This button allows you to select pulled endnotes or footnotes, push the button, and it will look to see if a file named 89_Endnotes.doc is in your project folder. If not, it will create the file and append the selected notes. If the file is there, it will open it and append the selected notes. Just like the APPEND FILES feature, a PLACEHLD keymark and text will be placed in the file indicating the notes original filename. Us the REMOVE PALCEHLD feature on the TNT Utilities to delete PLACEHLDs. You can also use ALLMACS to remove extra paras.


TNT Change Case2--The dialog box has been changed. You can now press SHIFT+F3 and the dialog will appear. Hitting n will convert the selected text to TNT c/lc, hitting e will create even small caps, etc. The TNTChangeCase used to remove any font changes in the selected text. This has been fixed.




1ÄWOW...are these note features confusing!

NEW_ENDNOTEÄThis is the newly inserted note.

2ÄExample of even small caps.




Revision 1.18


A new keymark for Glossary (GL) and a GL MERGE have been added to the keymarks. The GL keymark has been added to the endmatter right mouse click menu.


X1-X6 merges have been added to the keymarks.


Manuscript Information printout for the author and character table have been updated to reflect the additional merges.


A lower case t with a hacek has been added to the character sets.


With the addition of the merges and t you must download the fonts and reinstall them.


Line breaks (soft returns) will now print on the manuscript. “The Edited Manuscript” has been updated to reflect this change. You should always print this information sheet when sending out a printout. Changes to the template will be added to the page.


The optional hyphens will show on the printout.


Spacing between multiple line in heads has been reduced.


Characters have been added to the Misc Characters.


A new button has been added. This button is for creating a sample page file. You select text, push the button. If you already have a sample page file, it will open the file and place the text at the end of the document. If the sample page file has not yet been created, the program will create a new document, copying all selected text and document information from the document you have open, and save it as “90_Samples.doc”. This will be the name of the sample file for each project. When the text is added to the samples, all editing changes are excepted and AQs and ENs are deleted.


When you use TNTChars to select a character, the last character you insert will be placed on the ALT+0 key. This is stored within the document you are presently working in just like the ALT1, 2, 3, and 4. It will not store a character you have already placed on an ALT key. When you view the TNTChars dialog box, it will show you if you have anything stored in the ALT0.


AQ/EN If you have text selected and then push the AQ or EN button, the text you have selected will appear in the dialog box text area.


AQ/EN A new button has been added to the AQ and EN dialog boxes. The button will setup the find and replace box to look for queries or notes. It will search from the top of the window you are currently in and find the first occurrence of the item. If you are in normal view, and the notes are open, you can click in that window and push the find next button.


ALT+SM and ALT+SG These new keystrokes have been added.

ALT+SM (SpotMark) marks a spot in the document. This mark can be in placed in any document. It marks a spot that you can return to by using the ALT+SG (SpotGoto) This is useful if you need to return to a particular spot in a document. If you select text and type ALT+SM, the mark will be placed around the selected text. When you ALT+SG the cursor will select the text again.


Append Files This option has been added to the Utilities menu on the drop down. This will take all the files you select, in the order you selected them, and append them to the bottom of your present document separated by a page break.


CTRL+ALT+- This keystroke will react in the same fashion as the CTRL+ALT+NUM- It will generate an em dash.


View -- New check boxes have been added to turn on or off spell and grammar changes on the screen.




Revision 1.17


Option added to View Dialog to show table gridlines on the screen.


Option added to View Dialog for screen zoom.


Dialog keymarks added along with merge for dialog. Button added on toolbar for dialog.


Characters have been added to fonts. ALL fonts will need to be reinstalled.


Manuscript information sheet has been updated to reflect new merges added.


Fix has been made to numbered and bulleted lists. Each type of list can be selected and changed to the other.


XCHAR1-XCHAR6 keymarks have boxes around them so that they can be identified on the manuscript printout. These boxes will not be in the typeset file unless specified by the publisher.





NL1 & NL2 have been changed. These two styles will NO longer generate the number automatically. The way that the numbered lists are typed in is TAB number period TAB


You will need to check all files with numbered lists in them and fix by hand. When you change a numberlist into another keymark, you will have to manually remove the 2 tabs.


We are sorry for this problem but we have discovered that Word is unable to do the numbering on a consistent basis.