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TNT has over 75 combined years' experience in typesetting all types of books for many different publishers. By applying the latest technologies in desktop publishing, image editing, scanning, and optical character recognition, TNT applies technical prowess with the art of typography to complete projects quickly and with stunning results. From first manuscript to final composition, TNT and TNTEdit can effectively reduce edit-update cycles and help streamline the manuscript to finished PDF files for printers cycle.

File Conversion/Cleanup for TNTEdit Template

TNT can convert a wide array of document file formats to TNTEdit for Microsoft Word®. Once converted, the TNTEdit Template can be attached and all functions will be available to authors and editors.


TNT offers a seasoned staff of typesetting professionals that can quickly and accurately keyboard manuscripts into the TNTEdit Template. Once in the template manuscripts can be prepared for prepress, print, bound galleys, PDF and more.


With the latest in scanning technology and Optical Character Recognition software TNT can process machine-generated print for conversion into TNTEdit.

Hi-Res Photo Scanning

If you need to add art to a project TNT can help. We offer high-resolution photo and graphics scanning services to fit a wide range of file format, color-depth and resolution requirements.

Original Art Creation

TNT can generate artwork from your illustrations, charts, graphs, and more. We'll work with you to determine what your graphical needs are and develop seamless integration with your typesetting project.

Font Creation

Custom fonts can solve many typographical issues. TNT can create custom fonts or reproduce fonts from your samples.

Custom Word Template Development

If your organization publishes anything, TNT's custom template development services can make significant cuts in throughput and delivery time. Document Management systems can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you may have to make your processes fit the new system. Don't forget the cost of training people to use the new system. A TNT custom template for MS Word offers a scalable, turnkey solution. If your publishing, editorial and authoring staffs already know how to use MS Word, training requirements are minimal


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