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The TNTEdit Fonts

The TNTEdit template comes with a set of 12 matching fonts designed specifically for editing. The fonts have been designed to be highly legible on the screen and on paper. TNTEdit fonts feature:

  • larger and clearer punctuation marks
  • true typographic ("curly") quotation marks
  • similar characters (such as "1" and "l") clearly distinguished
  • dashes designed to look like standard typemarkings (1/M, 1/N) using Words em dash and en dash keys.

The extended character sets, displayed on a large and easy-to-read grid, contain:

  • all the common and most of the less common Latin alphabet diacritics, in combination with the letters they apply to
  • accents that can be applied to any character, including Arabic ayns and hamzas, underdots, overbars, haceks, and other diacritics missing from the Word Symbol set
  • monetary and musical symbols
  • basic mathematic and scientific symbols and operators
  • complete characters for typesetting in classical Greek

TNTEdit allows you to load frequently used characters to keystroke shortcuts, and to copy them from the grid to Find and Replace. With TNT fonts, accents and special characters appear correctly on the screen and in the printout. You don't have to hunt for characters from other fonts or mark them by hand for the compositor.

A utility contained in the template allows the user to print all the fonts and the character numbers



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