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Font Name

Enter in as much or as little of the font name you are searching for. Keep in mind that font names often don't have spaces between the words in their names. If you are searching for "Caslon Antique" try "CaslonAntique" as well.


  • Entering "Times" will return "Times", "Times10", "Times New Roman", etc.
  • Entering "TimesEuropa" will only return "TimesEuropa Roman",
Font Style

Check off the font style you want to search for.


  • Checking off "Script" will return only fonts classified as "Script"
  • Checking "Serif" and "Dingbat" will return all fonts classified as Serif AND all fonts classified as Dingbat.
  • Entering "Helvetica" in the Font Name and Checking "Serif" won't return any fonts becuase Helvetica is a Sans-Serif font.
  • Entering "Helvetica" in the Font Name and Checking "Serif" and "Dingbat" will return all the Helvetica Fonts AND all fonts classified as dingbats.
Font Type

If you are searching specifically for TrueType or PostScript fonts check the appropriate button.


  • Checking off "TrueType" will return only TrueType Fonts
  • Entering "Times" in the Font Name field and Checking off TrueType will return only TrueType fonts containing the string "Times".



Select the keyword(s) you want to include in your search.


  • Selecting "Text" returns fonts appropriate for text.
  • Selecting "Text" and "Three-Quarter EM dash" returns fonts appropriate for text AND that have 3/4 Em dashes.
  • Selecting "Text" and "Three-Quarter EM dash" and checking off "Serif" returns fonts appropriate for text AND that have 3/4 Em dashes AND that are classified as "Serif".
Browsing Search Results
Font Samples
  • Clicking the font name will load a sample PDF of the font in this frame. The font samples illustrate the font at various type sizes in Roman, Italic, and Bold Italic (if available) and contain a table showing the number of characters per pica from 6 through 24.5 points.
  • If the font is a dingbat, ornament, border, or sort font or only a partial font set a PDF character set is shown showing the characters from ASCII positions 32-255.
  • Click "Help" above to return to this page.
Font Information & Comments
  • In the font listing pane click on the question mark (?) or the question mark and asterisk (?*) to view information and TNT's comments about the font. (This will open a new window - be sure you have pop-ups enabled.)
  • Fonts with a ? have font information only, Fonts with a ?* have both font information and TNT comments about the font.
I can't find the font I'm Looking for!
  • We are working to have every font we have available on this site, and are adding fonts regularly. If you don't see what you are looking for contact us at info@tekntype.com and let us know what you are looking for. If we don't have it, we'll do our best to find it for you.
TrueType Fonts
Using TrueType Fonts Many people think you can't use TrueType fonts in Typesetting. However, when printing to PDF, TrueType fonts can be converted to Type 1 fonts on the fly, and embedded properly in the PDF file.
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